Q. This is a Club Crawl, so do we walk between venues?

A. In Vegas? No way! Believe us when we say walking for miles in 120 degree desert heat is NO FUN. Unlike other crawls that charge twice as much and make you walk, we always provide transportation between all of the clubs.

Q. How much does the tour cost and what's included?

A. $49 per person, the ticket price includes transportation between all the clubs, all cover charges and Hosted VIP entry to 3 Las Vegas nightclubs. We also provide drink specials in some of the venues and give out free shots on the bus throughout the night!

Q. Do you offer group discounts?

A. Yes! For every 10 tickets you buy you get 1 more ticket FREE.

Q. How do I receive my tickets?

A. There are no physical tickets mailed out. Once you have booked we send you an email confirmation. If you are booking last-minute we can give you the info over the phone or fax it to your hotel.

Q. What clubs are scheduled for each night?

A. Check out the current club Itinerary but to be sure please call us on 1 888 847 5868 the week leading up to a particular date for confirmation of the clubs to be visited as (rarely) they may change due to special events.

Q. Do we have to wait in line?

A. No! Your Club Viva Host will escort you from the vehicle to the VIP entrance and straight into the club with the absolute minimum of hassle (please note that it is a legal requirement for all clubs to check your ID though).

Q. How long do we spend in each club?

A. We are in the first 2 clubs for around 90 minutes, you can stay in the 3rd club as long as you want!

Q. Where is the meeting point?

A. The meeting point varies according to the night you book. Please see the Itinerary plus of course full details are emailed to you with your booking confirmation.

Q. What type of vehicles do you use?

A. We use executive shuttle buses that have all forward-facing seats with air-conditioning & sound system. You may also purchase the Upgrade Package to include a full-on luxury Limousine or Party Bus (actual vehicle used varies according to group size).

Q. Can we drink on the vehicle?

A.Yes! Your Club Viva Host will give out shots to get the party started and you may also bring you own (plastic contained) drinks on board although please note that the nightclubs do not allow outside drinks to be brought in.

Q. If we really like a particular club do we have to move onto the next one when the tour leaves?

A. No, just stay in that club and we'll see you on your next visit to Vegas.

Q. What if I miss the bus between clubs?

A. Call your VIP Host, grab a taxi to the next venue and they will be at the door ready to welcome you in.

Q. What happens at the end of the tour?

A. Just party on in the final club as long as you want. Please note that the transportation service ends after you are admitted to the final club.

Q. Is gratuity included?

A. No, if your VIP Host has served you well then a token of your appreciation is always well received.

Q. How far in advance should I book?

A. We recommend you book as soon as possible in order to guarantee availability although we can accept reservations up until the evening of the event if there is space available.

Q. We like the idea but would prefer a custom itinerary with our own private vehicle, club choice and VIP Host for our group. Is that possible?

A. Yes! We are fully hooked up and can offer VIP entry to every Las Vegas nightclub. Contact us today and we will be happy to provide a detailed quote and proposal for your party.